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We must say that the cathartic element in Say Yes to Love, is a whole new level of what a listening experience should be, never something so both exhausting and deeply compelling was so charming and addictive. We talked with them and we must say that Perfect Pussy are the element that was missing in our lives…

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It’s not easier to start over when we find ourselves lost and without a purpose in life. After all, we all need to find our own place to survive, and sometimes it can be a pretty tough journey. But other times accepting and dealing with bad things in life can lead us to our own kind of happiness or whatever. That’s something that Domenic Palermo, the man who started NOTHING had to go through with past events with his previous band. Guilty of Everything is Nothing’s debut full length and it’s a sonic trip through redemption, forgiveness and acceptance of the past, present and future. We had the pleasure to get in touch with “Nicky” and talk about the band that’s making everyone fall in love with their impetuous, heartfelt music.

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Last year, Big Ups, a New York based band started to make some noise with their furious live shows. Now they released what’s their debut album, named Eighteen Hours Of Static. We talked with Carlos Salguero, the bass player of this DIY post-hardcore outfit, about these eleven songs of pure intensity, toughness and chest-beating.

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There’s no doubt that Marissa Nadler music is fearfully and wonderfully. Throughout the years, she has written quite memorable songs and each record is a new breath of her marvelous way of making music. Recently, Marissa Nadler released her latest record, July, and we talked with her about this new release, her new home labels – Sacred Bones Records and Bella Union, and her other passion, that it is painting.

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